Erik and Sadie\'s wedding
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Damon Stemen
(Best Man)

Damon is the sixth of five brothers. In high school he moved in with the Thompsons and became a permanent part of the family. He earned a degree in Literature from Claremont McKenna College in California and a Law degree from the University of Arizona. He is now a partner in a Las Vegas law firm. Last November he married Bea, and Erik was honored to be the best man at their wedding.


Jerry Thompson

Jerry draws cartoons. When he's not drawing cartoons, he's making films. When he's not making films, he's making money. In fact, Jerry's business sense and artistic talent has led him to acquire a finer arsenal of camera equipment than the Film Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he earned his degree in film. The short films made by Jerry and Mike are always favorites at local film festivals. Jerry has recently started a wedding videography business and has more customers than he can handle. Erik and Sadie are delighted to have his crew filming their wedding.


Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson is basically just a slightly improved version of Erik. Erik is a handsome man, but Matt is more handsome. Erik is an analog circuit designer, but Matt is a bit more analog than Erik will ever be. Matt graduated from UNLV just like Erik with a degree in Electrical Engineering, but Matt was slightly nerdier. Matt took a job at Motorola like Erik and sits in a cubical adjacent to Erik, but Matt's cubical has more light and smells like petunias. His computer monitor is also slightly larger than Erik's. Matt moved to the same neighborhood as Erik, and even went so far as to copy his brothers hair cut, but on Matt it looks really sexy. On Erik it just looks pretty good.

What the Future Holds for Matt:
Matt's world will crumble when he realizes that his little brother Scott's wedding web site bio is twice as funny as his own. This will shatter his long held illusion that he is the wittiest, most hilarious cat this side of the Mississippi (there is a guy in Tuscaloosa Alabama that is pretty flipping hilarious). Matt will sink into a depression and take up drinking and cavorting with loose women. This will start a downward spiral that will lead him to the slums of Walla Walla Washington where he will reside for the rest of his life picking onions and wallowing in his own filth.


Mike Thompson

An average suburban nieghborhood. Our hero struts more than walks down the deserted sidewalk. This is Mike Thompson. A gangly fellow with nothing in his pockets but a tan crayon and a toy race car. Evidence of a life well lived. Lightning strikes the streetlight beside him. It would have turned him into a superhero, but his little brother already took that bio angle. So instead he turns into a zombie...or a robot. Turns out it was a robot. The ultimate robot, a machine designed for one purpose...To drink punch at Erik and Sadies Wedding! And if need be kill ninjas. But he likes punch more.


Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1985. In 2002, he saved a bum (read full story here). Everything in between was pretty uneventful. He stubbed his toe a few times, said some weird stuff, and pretty much slept most of the time. After getting the taste for heroism, he decided on devoting a fraction of his life to being a hero. His most recent accomplishment was saving China from a meteorite. And by "China," I mean, "a park bench." And by "saving it from a meteorite," I mean, "looking at it as he walked by."

Known Superhuman Powers:
Scott Thompson has the ability to touch objects weighing up to 100 tons with his hands and/or nose. He also has the amazing ability to accelerate through the air at 9.8 meters per second squared in the downward direction. He is also able to karate chop through objects with a density up to 1.239 milligrams per cubic centimeter under standard conditions. Scott is also Erik Thompson's dorky kid brother.

Height - 6'6"
Weight - 180 lbs. (with thumbs up) - 181 lbs. (without thumbs up)
Hair - Blonde
Eyes - Blue
Disposition - Partially sunny
Posture - Crooked



Last updated March 6, 2004
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